eigrp-variance-exa2mple-topologyEnhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) is considered deprecated routing protocol. In my opinion unfairly. Despite  EIGRP is distance vector protocol (or rather hybrid protocol) is still being utilized in small and medium networks. Reliability and efficiency in connection with simplicity of deployment  make EIGRP still worth of considering routing protocol, especially, that has DUAL algorithm .

itil-service-strategyITIL has been invented to facilitate management of IT services. Regardless what department or environment you work for, whether it is small helpdesk, game designing company or even hospital, because ITIL is versatile and universal. Successfully deployed ITIL rules and best practices will organize and improve work and efficiency in your company.

vlan-fig12Sooner or later every expanding network has to be divided onto broadcast domains. There are a few reasons why it should have been done, for example to separate broadcast storms, to sort out logical networks accordingly with employees functions or in order to implement higher level of security (Vlan access lists). So, how to separate network traffic efficiently, not involving layer 3 and router ports ?