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Redistribution proces between IGP routing protocols especially with  externally redistributed networks may cause problems like routing loops or suboptimal routing. In thic article we will look closer on particular scenarios of redistribution between them.

The one of the biggest issue that we may encounter on during redistribution is routing loop. If suboptimal routing causes latencies and network inefficiency , routing loops causes the loops until TTL value gets decrease to 0, what influence not only on network efficiency but also causes that some part of the network will be…

Everything is going seamlessly regarding redistribution if we have only one point of redistribution, but when we add another router on the edge of 2 routing protocols, for instance in order to provide “high availability” by adding another point of failure to get redundancy,  then our network is exposed to very inefficient sub-optimal routing.

  If we are going to inject networks from one routing protocol into another, in order to do that we need to conduct redistribution process. There are a few ways to accomplish that. I would like to focus on 4 of them: simple redistribution, with Redistribution lists, with Prefix Lists and with Route Maps.