Data Center & Virtualization

There is a group of protocols that you gonna find on the point of contact of LAN, SAN and Data Center, namely : Ethernet, iSCSI, Fibre Channel or FCoE. Some vendors push one of them over the others, but knowing what they are, how do they work and were are placed in network infrastructure is crucial.

If we have no fault tolerance in Storage Area Network we are exposed to losing data. RAID solutions have been invented in order to provide mechanisms which keep our data safe. RAID in different variants has different level of safety. What are and what characterizes RAID variants , what they do and what is their influence…

If you are planning to build a campus network, there are a few rules and schemes which you have to grab hold of, if  your network should  function efficiently, faultlessly and if has to be scalable. There are no RFC documents about that, but there is Top Down methodology and best practice which can be used.