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ISIS is considered as a protocol only for service providers. Unfairly. Very well scalable, working with different kind of information thanks to TLV is worth to learn even if you are not going to implement its as an underlay routing protocol in MPLS environment.    

Even if we have only single point of failure at the edge it is well to have 2 upstream links. Having 2 upstream links is involved with having 2 VPN tunnels. If one of the tunnel goes down, the second takes over the tasks of the first one.        

Redistribution proces between IGP routing protocols especially with  externally redistributed networks may cause problems like routing loops or suboptimal routing. In thic article we will look closer on particular scenarios of redistribution between them.

In this lab from the scratch we will implement fully working MPLS core with Layer 3 VPN and MP-BGP vpnv4 on the provider edge routers. Also we will achieve full connectivity between customers edge routers with routing protocols. At the end we will find out how to implement “extranets” and “shared services”, thanks to which…

This is the 4th part of 4. In this part we will talk congestion avoidance technics over, also how to policing and shaping the traffic.         

This is the 3rd part of 4. In this part part we will get to know what is the congestion management, and queuing mechanisms based on fair queuing like Weighted Fair Queuing or Class Based Weighted Fair Queuing and how to configure them.    

This is the 2nd part of 4.  In this we will learn how the traffic is being classified, what is the difference between IP Precedence and DSCP, how to classify and mark traffic with MCQ and configure the switchport.        

This is the 1st part of 4.  In this part we will learn what is the QoS, what consists of and consists in, also basic configuration.        

The other way of providing Data Center Interconnectivity besides OTV is VxLAN. VxLAN has ben developed through a few years and despite at the beginning was considered as a solution that enabled spanning VLANs across the single Data Center, nowadays is considered as a solution equal or even better to compare with OTV and enables…

We usually think about multicast in the context of streaming video, audio, gaming, live transmissions, but also routing protocols use multicast to send updates. Moreover, if you are going to deal with Data Center Interconnect,  you gonna come across multicast trafic. But, before we go over the lab let’s get to know what is the…