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Archiving and Compressing files in Linux – TAR, STAR, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP

tar-gzIn linux environment there is no possibilty not encounter on archives or compresed files. This article shows what is a difference between different types and how to handle and use them.

Archiving – doesn’t make compressions, only pack up folders with files and store them in one single file

tar – Tape Archive, stores folder structure to tape or file. Can handle with attributes from version 5 CentOS

star – alike tar but newer and supports ACls and SELinux attributes.

zip – both archiving and compresing at once, cross platform, not as efficient

Compresing – squeezing files and folders, reducing their volume.

gzip – shrinks a file, very common, very efficient

bzip2 – newer, even more efficient then gzip

tar and star may be compressed with gzip or bzip2 : tar.gz, tgz




star software has to be first installed in the system.

v- verbose
f- file
star cvf myfiles.star FILES


tar -cvf myfiles.tar FILES – creating tar

4tar attributes

tar –selinux –acls -cvf myfiles.tar FILES – archiving with additional attributes

4tar attributes

tar -xvf myfiles.tar – extracting, unarchiving tar file

x – extract

5 tar extract



with gzip and bzip2 we may compress a single file or an archive

gzip myfiles.tar  —–> myfiles.tar.gz

6 gzip

gunzip myfiles.tar.gz —–> myfiles.tar  – unzipping

7 gunzip

bzip2 myfiles.tar  ——-> myfiles.tar.bz2 

8 bzip2

bunzip2 myfiles.tar.bz2 ——> myfiles.tar   – unzipping 


Compresing decompresing on the fly in one step

tar -zcvf myfiles.tar.gz FILES  – archiving tar and packing gzip 

10 tar -zcvf

tar -zxvf myfiles.tar.gz FILES – unarchiving and unpacking

11 tar -zxvf

tar -jcvf myfiles.tar.bz2 FILES – archiving tar and packing bzip2

12 tar -jcvf

tar -jxvf myfiles.tar.bz2 FILES – unarchiving and unpacking

13 tar -jxvf

tar -zcvf myfiles.tgz – creating myfiles.tgz file what  is the same as myfiles.tar.gz
unpacking with gunzip myfiles.tgz , then uarchiving with tar -xvf myfiles.tar:

15 tgz all

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